Monday, 1 July 2013

Charity Shops

I must admit I wouldn't have been seen dead in one of these a few years ago. But times have changed and so have I.  Whenever we go into Middleton we usually have a look in a couple. Mostly I pick up books or DVDs but sometimes a certain something will catch my eye.

We have a charity shop not too far from where we live which we regularly donate items to. They are always grateful for clothes and any other bits and pieces we take in. I don't think anything in there costs over £1! I've been in a couple of shops recently and been surprised at how much they want for a second hand book or DVD.

We went to Bury on Saturday to do a bit of shopping, and we popped into the British Heart Foundation. What they had was reasonably priced but I didn't see anything that took my fancy. I did need a birthday card though and I also bought a pin badge. Total cost £1.99.

It got me thinking about what I've bought from charity shops over the past couple of years. Apart from books and DVDs, it's not that much really but what I've found I've really liked.

I bought this jug from our local shop. I love the colours and tulips and daffodils look especially nice in it. Cost 50p.
Then I found this blue dish, which goes on the bedroom windowsill when I have my 'blue bedding' week. Cost 89p.
This was bought purely for nostalgic reasons. I used to collect Whimsies when I was a little girl and the kitten was the first one I got. She looks a bit startled doesn't she. Cost 99p.
This cake stand has been my most expensive buy but I absolutely love it and it does get used. Cost £5.99.
I bought this plate for the design and colours. I don't use it for anything, it just gets moved around from one room to the next as the mood takes me.  Cost 79p.
And finally, I fell in love with these ducks. They live in the garden and there used to be 4, but Thomas has a football! Cost £5.
Like I said, it's mostly books and DVD's that we buy and we certainly wouldn't keep any charity afloat as I won't spend for the sake of it. We do donate lots though and I hope other people benefit from what we give.

I know lots of fellow bloggers like a good charity shop as well. Just wondering though, is anybody else finding some of them are getting a bit 'expensive'?


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