Monday, 29 July 2013

A distant memory

Do you know that feeling, when you've been away then come home and within a day or two you feel like you've never been away? Well, I'm there.

We've had some cracking thunderstorms and torrential rain showers today - I love a good thunderstorm. Thankfully I managed to do all the washing on Saturday and get it dried while the weather was still good. But of course that meant today was ironing day. I did it in 3 x 45 minute stints and I'm glad to see the back of it.                      
                 This was actually a lightening strike in the centre of Manchester last week

I've been to Lidl for the weekly shop. We didn't bother going the week before the holiday so needed to stock up. Total cost this week was £75.48.

Then I went to the charity shop with 2 bags of clothes and 3 bags of toys, books and games that Amy & Thomas didn't want. I made sure I pointed these out. I'd hate for them to sit in the back until they get round to sorting them. It's a local charity shop and they will all be priced very low so hopefully some children can enjoy them over the holidays. 

Sparky went to the 'hairdressers' this afternoon. We don't do poncy poodles at Number 38. He gets a short back and sides and I get my moneys worth - all £35's worth. He wouldn't win any competitions but we still love him!
Mark's Dad has bought a new car which is being delivered on Wednesday, so he's been on and off the phone most of the day asking Mark to sort things out for him.

The guinea pig cage has needed a new roof for a while, but seems to have got worse while we've been away. As Mark's DIY skills are non existent I'll have to ask Matthew if he can spare me half an hour.
I forgot to do my Monday weigh in this morning. I usually weigh first thing before eating and getting dressed (every bit helps), but we're all friends, so this is my weigh in with me dressed, after a day's worth of food and a week in Italy.
I've spoken to my Mum, texted my niece and arranged to go for coffee with the headteacher and a couple of members of staff on Thursday.

Last job of the day will be to plonk Thomas in the bath. I can't decide if he's suntanned or mucky. I think it's the latter from the state of his feet. While he's in there I'll have a sneaky lie down on the bed for 20 minutes with my book.

I'm shattered now! On the bright side there are no packed lunches to make before I go to bed. 

I'm hoping tomorrow will be a bit more relaxed.


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