Saturday, 6 July 2013

12 hours of not very much

After yesterday's activity at Blackpool Zoo, I took it a bit easier today.

9.30am: After a lazy lie in, this was my first brew of the day. We sat in the garden soaking up the warm sun and discussing where we could put a pond.
10.30am: Mark's dad came down for a coffee. I bet him a crumpled £5 Lisicki would win Wimbledon. 
11.30am: Went shopping for strawberries & cream and Pimm's. I don't care what anybody else says, I love being British.
12.30pm: Think we've found a pond that would suit us. Mark doesn't fancy digging out the garden so something like this looks ideal. We might have fish next week!

1.30pm: Settled down with a glass of Pimm's for the start of Ladies Wimbledon Finals. Kids were strictly warned not to be thirsty, hungry or have any accidents within next 2 hours!
2.30pm: Hungry! Quick photo of pre-made sandwiches followed by the strawberries and cream.Yummy! Straight back to the Final.
3.33pm: Lisicki lost Wimbledon and I lost £5. She cried and I cried - for her, not the fiver. Honestly, I've become so emotional over little things lately, that I don't recognise myself at times.

4.30pm: Amy was picked up for a sleepover at her friends. Went upstairs and this is how she's left her bedroom after having an 'afternoon nap'. 
5.30pm: Thomas wanted to learn how to play solitaire. I used to be able to whizz through this as a kid. I can't do it now but don't want to give in and google it. I want to crack it myself like I did when I was a young 'un.
6.30pm: An hour with my favourite blogs. I'm very much a fledgling in the blogging world but I'm really enjoying it. The blogs I like are the ones where the blogger lets you into their life, warts & all. The ones where they share their worries, laughs, highs, lows, disappointments, fun times and heartaches with you. In short, I like a blog where the 'real' person shines through.        

7.30pm: Aww Bless. Not! The after effects of too much sun and Pimm's. Wish I could portray his snoring. The house is rocking.
8.30pm: Last jobs of the day. Water plants. Feed the guinea. Chair cushions in shed. Lock shed.
9.30pm: My days always end as they begin - in my PJ's with a brew. 
I love lazy, hazy, sunny days like these where nothing much happens, but every part of it is relaxing and enjoyable. 

Hope you all had a good day too.



  1. I do love a fish pond in a garden. We have one here. It does take quite a bit of work (not by me!)to keep it (and the fish) in tip top condition. An early morning visit from a heron with the wingspan of an albatross almost cleared us out a couple of years ago.

    That Pimms looks very refreshing.

  2. Yes, they do need a lot of looking after. Mark was constantly faffing around with the one at the other house. I've wanted one for a while and now the kids are older it seems a good time. I didn't want to have to have netting over it. xx