Saturday, 15 June 2013

We've arrived

The journey down was good, no traffic jams or queues. It was just over 250 miles from our house to the cottage and we did it in 5 hours. This included a couple of 20 minute stops for our lunch and to stretch our legs. Thank you driver Mark.
The cottage is beautiful.  This is the front and that's our bedroom window with the ivy around it. 
And this is the view from the back lounge window, St Mary's Church, Cofton.
It's less than a 2 minute walk to the outdoor heated pool, indoor pool and shop. We couldn't be better placed.
Its' dry and sunny but a bit windy. Still we've managed to sit out and have a couple of these.
We've unpacked and the kids have set up their bedroom for the week. We're  now going out for something to eat. Me and Amy have decided we want to live here forever!

See you tomorrow.


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