Tuesday, 11 June 2013

We had a visitor in the night

The tooth fairy came. She left money, sparkly glitter on the windowsill and a teeny tiny letter telling Thomas how beautifully polished his tooth was. We have such lovely tooth fairies visit our house.

Now I know tooth fairies don't visit all children, but we love our fairies at Number 38. There is great excitement when a tooth falls out. Come bedtime and the ritual kicks in. Down comes my jewellery box off the shelf and out comes the velvet tooth bag complete with gold cord and tassells.

In goes the tooth and under the pillow it goes.Then we go through a whole list of Q&A's before Thomas is finally happy with what will happen. These include "What time will she come? How will she get in? What will she be called? Where does she put the tooth when she's flying? How can she carry a heavy coin? What happens to my tooth?  My memory isn't so good these days so the answers vary from tooth to tooth apart from the one "What happens to my tooth?" and the answer to that is always the same.  It's gets made into a star.

For some strange reason when I was little my teeth were made into peas. PEAS! Was my mother deranged. She's always been down to earth but could she not think of something more, well, fairyish. I have no doubt if I ever need to be psycho-analysed that my milk teeth being turned into peas would play a major part in the diagnosis.

I know some people don't do make believe and think that encouraging children to believe in fairies that fly into the house, take teeth and leave money behind is just not good parenting, but I'm happy to take full responsibility if Amy or Thomas turn out to be damaged later in life. I do think though that if I can still eat peas after what my mum told me, they'll be OK.

Anyway, I have a sneaky feeling the tooth fairy might not visit for much longer.  Why? Because just as I was leaving the room Thomas called out "You won't forget to leave me my money will you Mum".

Did you leave your teeth for the fairy and were they turned into anything?


  1. Oh yes, I'm a firm believer in the Tooth Fairy who used to leave a pound per tooth for my kids (now big people!). I remember finding money and a bag of toffees in exchange for one of my teeth. Might have had something to do with living in a sweet shop!

  2. Our fairies leave £1 for teeth as well. What a wonderful place to live as a child, bet you were the envy of all your friends. xx