Sunday, 2 June 2013

Today was a........

.... Fresh flowers day
My friend gave me these lovely pinks today for 
looking after her boys while she went to a funeral last week.  

.... Bike ride day
Thomas learnt to ride a bike 2 weeks ago.  
There's no stopping him now.

.... Roast chicken for lunch day
I think Sunday Lunch is one of the easiest meals to make.  
In goes the meat, peel a few spuds, chop some veg, mix a bit of batter for the yorkshires (Thomas' job) and make the gravy.  
Hey presto!

.... Five minutes with my book day
My concentration isn't too good these days so something 
funny and light-hearted is perfect.

.... Caterpillar watching day
We bought these from InsectLore 2 weeks ago. It's fascinating to watch them grow so quickly, you really do see a difference every day. They are just about ready to turn into chrysalis, then in about 2 weeks we will have butterflies.

.... Cheeky G&T in the sun day
What can I say.  The sun was shining.
 It would have been rude not to.

....Cleaning the guinea cage day
We've had Sparkle for just over 4 years.  She came with two friends Dazzle and Nellie.  Sadly both died last year.

Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday xxx   

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