Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ours is a nice house, ours is

Well I think so anyway. It's a semi-detached and was built in the 1970's. We'll have lived here for 17 years in September and we paid £48,000 for it, which doesn't seem very much these days.

It's not overly big but it suits us perfectly and it's in a nice, quiet area. Over the years a lot of our friends have moved into bigger houses but we've always been happy to stay put. If we'd 'upsized', in years to come we'd have only 'downsized', so we've just cut out all the hassle and cost of moving and stayed where we'll end up!

When we first moved in we had a lounge, kitchen, bathroom, 2 double bedrooms and a garage. One of our first big jobs was to convert the back of the garage into a dining room. The table extends and we can seat 8 people around it; we've had some good times round that table.
We then made the front of the garage into a small room. Over the years this has been used for storage, an office, a toy room and is now a TV room, which is worth its weight in gold.  Amy spends a lot of time in here reading and writing & Thomas plays on the Wii. The builders charged us £3,000 to do the conversion. 
Even the two bedrooms we had were fine up until about 5 years ago when we decided to split one room into two. The house has good sized windows and building a partition in the middle of the room meant that Amy and Thomas each had a decent portion of the window. Both rooms have their own doors so they are completely separate from each other. 

Matthew was just completing a joinery course and he very kindly did the work for us in his spare time for experience.  He also insisted on doing it at cost plus meals! - he's an absolute star. I think in total it cost about £700 and this included paying a friend to install a couple of new sockets, having the lights re-centred in each room and 2 new radiators.
The kids bedrooms aren't the biggest but they've both got a bed, drawers, wardrobe and shelving - what more do they need?  Amy also has a 'dressing table' area made from CD racks. And there's plenty of wall space for extra cupboards or shelving. They don't spend much time in their rooms so space isn't really an issue for them.

So, since we moved in we've managed to gain a dining room, a TV room and a 3rd bedroom. If we'd moved house there's no way we'd have been able to 'buy' all that for the £3,700 it cost us.

There are lots of benefits to living in our house. We don't need to do much maintenance, our utility bills aren't very high, our council tax band is low and my favourite one of all, there's not much cleaning to do. One of my friends has 4 toilets; I can't imagine how much time she spends cleaning in a week, but it's probably far more than I'd want to do.

So, all in all, I really do think Ours is a Nice House and I hope to stay here for many years to come.

Do you love your house or would you like to move up, down or sideways?



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