Friday, 14 June 2013

One More Sleep...

... and we're off to Devon for a week - I can't wait! The laptop is travelling with us so you're all invited to come along as well. My blog might be less wordy, but there will be pictures for you to look at, so join us if you can - we like a bit of company.

I think we've got everything we need but I'm at that stage now of 'if we haven't got it, we'll have to do without it'.

The first thing I always pack when going away is the swimming bag, because it's the easiest one to do! Notice the sun lotion peeping out? Sometimes my optimism astounds even me.
 Next is the first aid box, another easy peasy one. We take antiseptic wipes and cream, plasters, calpol, paracetamol and my tablets. I used to take enough to set up a triage centre but I'm a bit more chilled these days. 
Then comes the food and kitchen bits & bobs. We always take a few bits with us when we go away. The shop will be expensive and the first thing Mark always wants after driving is a brew while the last thing I want to do is go shopping. When we're away we'll eat breakfast in the cottage and for lunch I'll make sandwiches or we'll find a cafe for a toastie, baked potato, soup etc. For our evening meal we always go out - after all this is my holiday as well.

Finally, the clothes. I find this the hardest part to do. Do we pack for wind and rain or sun and blue skies. Who knows? So I throw in a mixture to cover all weather. If I run out of shorts and have to wear my black leggings by the pool, so be it.

Can you see the spiderman case? Amy & Thomas are given this to share and they can take whatever they want as long as it fits in here. It's usually books, pens & paper for Amy and lego men, cards and dominoes for Thomas. 

Tonight, I'll make some baguettes for the journey and pop these into the cool box with some crisps, fruit and drinks.  We also take a flask. We'll have a couple of stops on the way and although I'm not adverse to buying a brew or a snack I wouldn't pay service station prices for us all to eat lunch. Anyway, the kids think it's more fun having a picnic in the car.

Before we go to bed we'll put everything by the front door so that we can have a quick get-away in the morning. Well maybe. Apart from Mark, who gets up at the crack of dawn, we're not early birds here at Number 38. We'll be lucky if we're out the door by 10am.

In the morning, we'll throw last minute toiletries in the vanity case, Mark and Thomas will put the cases in the car, (a father and son bonding moment), and Amy will throw the coats in, literally. I'll leave a note for Matthew about feeding Sparky and Sparkle and then we'll be off.

Emeli Sande, Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, LMFAO, Taylor Swift, Les Mis and One Direction are but a few who will accompany us on our journey. Hope to see you there! 


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