Saturday, 29 June 2013

On the property ladder

Do you remember when you bought your first property?  The excitement, the ideas, the financial responsibility suddenly hitting you.

It's not so easy for young people to get their foot on the ladder anymore, so it seems more of an achievement when they actually succeed. 

Matthew moved into his first property on Wednesday. He has now entered the world of mortgages, insurance, utility bills and council tax. I expect he's also about to realise money doesn't go very far. But he is absolutely buzzing with excitement about his new house.

He's saved hard for the deposit with a little help from his Mum. We've not been able to help out as much financially, but we've done what we can. We've also helped in other ways where we could. Like a lot of families we had 2 cars, but after giving up work and having the dreaded H.A. mine was stood still more than it was moving. Matthew was selling his to raise money for the deposit, so we taxed and insured mine for him and he now has it on permanent loan. 

Mark also has a very good friend who is a dab hand at electrics, gas & plumbing, so we've put them in touch with each other and I'm sure Matthew will get a very good price for any work that needs doing.

The thing I love about Matthew is he expects nothing from either set of parents. He would rather make his own way in life, but like most parents we like to be able to give a helping hand when we can.

Anyway, we went to see the house today. It's a small cottage dating from the 1800's and is accessed down a narrow cobbled street.
It's just his sort of thing. He likes properties with a bit of character and this certainly fits the bill.

It's quite compact but so cute!  He has grand plans for a new kitchen, spiral staircases and an attic conversion.

This was as far as I was prepared to venture. Everybody else, including Thomas  was more than happy to jump over missing floorboards but not me!
With all the enthusiasm of the young he's already ripped most of the wardrobes etc. out. He teaches in a Pupil Referral Unit and I think a bit of manual work helps relieve some of the stress.
There's a shed under all that ivy somewhere.
Great excitement when a bottle of wine and a Clarice Cliff piece of pottery was found.  We've left him looking up a price on e-bay, although I doubt he's going to be a millionaire as it was date stamped 2000!
The 'garden' seems to have become a dumping ground for everybody's bins. I'm sure that will change in weeks to come.

So, my lovely stepson now has a place of his own and I'm so pleased for him.  Can't wait for a steady girlfriend and babies to arrive!


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