Saturday, 8 June 2013

Meet The Family

Today, I thought today you might like to meet the family and put faces to names. I wonder if we look like what you imagined?

The Blogger
You already know about me from my profile, but here's a bit more

LikesBeing treated to afternoon tea, peace & quiet
Favourite ColourYellow
Favourite FoodPasta and olives
Favourite FilmLittle Women
Favourite Singer: Everyone - I know the first line of every song but no more!
Favourite time of the yearSpring
AmbitionTo visit the tulip fields in Amsterdam
Biggest Achievement: Going on a rollercoaster with Amy - never again!

Then, there's 'Man of the House', Mark

Likes: Horology (to you and me that's watches)
Dislikes: Amy & me singing and any form of DIY
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Food: Curry  & Fry Ups
Favourite Film: Pulp Fiction
Favourite Singer: Jethro Tull, LMFAO, Emeli Sande, Les Mis soundtrack
Favourite time of the year: June - his birthday!
Ambition: To visit the watchmaker in Switzerland who made his Blancpain Fifty-Five Fathoms
Biggest Achievement: Stopped smoking after 30 years

Mark is very easy-going and can talk to anybody. He used to be a youth worker and is great with the kids. Our neighbour's son once asked him to go on holiday with them and if it snows the kids on the street knock on for him to go out and have a snowball fight!

He's calm and collected but can step up to the mark if he needs to. He makes a mean fry-up and can stick oil in the car as well as a load in the washing machine. 

But I have learnt never to ask him to do any DIY, he has no interest in it whatsoever and seems to take great pride in just how bad the finished product is! 

His enthusiasm for watches compares to nothing else and I hope one day he achieves his ambition of getting to meet his watchmaker.

Next comes Amy
Likes:  Drama, reading, writing, art, theme parks and Sparky (her dog AKA Banana)
Dislikes: Maths - (doesn't everybody?) and getting up early
Favourite Colour: Sky blue
Favourite Food: Cookies
Favourite Film: Mean Girls 
Favourite Singer: Taylor Swift
Favourite time of the year: Summer Holidays
Ambition: To write a book
Biggest Achievement: Maintaining 1st in her English class

Amy turned 13 this year while on a school trip to PARIS. She actually spent her birthday up the Eiffel Tower, lucky thing. 

You can always tell when Amy is home, she leaves a trail of things arounds the house, wet towels on everybody's bed apart from her own and can be heard singing at the top of her voice. 

She loves relaxing in the 'summer house' with a good book while listening to music and she makes delicious cakes. She's always happy and smiling and so far we haven't had too many moody teenager episodes. Totally Loveable!

And finally, Thomas

Likes:  Riding his bike, lego, minecraft, x-box, swimming & playing with his friends
Dislikes: Having a bath, going to bed and getting up for school 
Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite Food: Potato Waffles and anything with chocolate
Favourite Film: Pokemon Jirachi Wish Maker
Favourite Singer: LMFAO
Favourite time of the year: Christmas
Ambition: To catch all 656 Pokemon! And to be a policeman
Biggest Achievement: Learning to ride his bike

Thomas is a sensitive little soul with a real sense of right and wrong.  He's a stickler for rules and health & safety issues!  He goes about his business in an under-stated quiet way and demands very little from us.  

He's a lovely little boy and is happiest playing out with his friends, going to the park or on his x-box. Totally Adorable!

Hope you enjoyed meeting us.



  1. It's nice to put faces to names! I remain anonymous because of my job! And I likes to have a good swear now and then!

  2. I like to put a face to a a name as well which is why I put the photos on. I should update this page really. Amy and Thomas have definitely changed and so have their interests. I might just wait until I lose a bit more weight though. xx