Thursday, 27 June 2013

Fibs & Frothy Coffee

Oxford Dictionary definition of fib:  'a lie, typically an unimportant one'

Oxford Dictionary definition of barista: 'a person who serves coffee in a bar'  Origin: Italy.

Today Thomas is in school and Amy is at home because of the teacher's strike. Thomas isn't daft though and he wanted to know why Amy was still in her PJ's when he was leaving. Anticipating he would ask this, we'd all agreed last night on a united  'fib'"Because Amy has an exam today and doesn't need to go in til later" just rolled off our tongues.  It worked. He went off to school no problem. We really are very bad parents at times!

Now, apologies in advance if you're a coffee lover, but I just don't  understand the necessity for all this frothing and chocolate dusting that goes on in cafes these days.

We popped into a cafe today for a quick cuppa. We were second in the queue and the order in front of us was for 4 cappuccinos, which immediately made my heart sink - they always seem to take ages to make.

It soon became obvious though that the machine wasn't working properly. The coffee dribbled out even more slowly than usual and the frothing machine wouldn't froth the milk. But this didn't seem to phase the waitress stood quietly behind the counter as she suddenly became a woman on a mission. You could tell by the look on her face that the frother was not going to beat her. All that barista training she'd received was not going to go to waste and she persevered like a trooper. For the first 2 minutes I felt complete admiration for her and wished I had a fraction of her determination.

But there comes a point when defeat should be accepted graciously and after a good 5 minutes of half full cups and still no frothy milk, it was all I could do to refrain myself from shouting, 'Just put the bloody kettle on and open the Nescafe'. 


I was also mentally willing the customer waiting for the coffee to say 'don't worry, it doesn't matter', which being impatient yet easy going, I would have done after the first 2 minutes. But she seemed as hell bent on getting that frothy coffee as the waitress was on producing it. Thankfully the chocolate dusting bit was done by hand or I'm sure I'd still be stood there. 

10 minutes later a rather defeated waitress produced 4 flat and sad looking cappuccinos to an obviously disappointed customer.

Now it was my turn.  'Two teas please' was my simple request. Into a pot went 2 teabags, hot water got poured on and a jug of milk was placed on the tray.  All in all this took less than 2 minutes. 

And I must admit my friends, that after all the effort, excitement and hopeful anticipation of the frothy cappuccinos escapade I couldn't help but feel a little cheated. 

So, are you a frothy coffee lover or like me, do you just not get the need for it?



  1. I don't understand it myself, I'm totally with you!
    I once asked a lady at the school gates what she had done that day and she replied "I had coffee".
    I had to hold myself back from saying, "Kettle on, granules in cup, milk in cup, water in cup, stir and drink - ten minutes max!" Lol! Love the blog! Fmx

    1. Thing is I was being posh in the blog! We've not had Nescafe for years! It's Lidl's Granarom Gold here at Number 38. xx