Monday, 17 June 2013

Burnt Bacon & Dawlish

I was on bacon butty duty today. I managed to burn the bacon and set off the fire alarm - oops!

We had a drive into Dawlish this morning. In the centre there is a grassed area called 'The Lawn' next to which runs the river known as 'Dawlish Water'. There are some lovely gift shops, tearooms and ice cream parlours on either side of the High Street. 
Dawlish is famous for its black swans which were introduced in the early 1900s by a local resident who brought them over from Australia. The 3 baby cygnets were a lovely added bonus for us today.
Apparently Jane Austen and Charles Dickens have both stayed in Dawlish, and Mr Dickens decided Nicholas Nickleby would be born here.

Swimming was on the agenda again this afternoon. There are only a few children here and we had the pool to ourselves most of the time. Unfortunately, the ratio of calories burned did not outweigh those replaced by the Devonshire cream tea which we all enjoyed afterwards.
It was warm and dry this evening so we walked down the lane for our evening meal at The Ship at Cockwood.

Thomas Little Legs was given a helping hand back by Amy. What a kind big sister.
Back home they both spent a good hour in the park playing tig with their new friends. The park is just up a little hill in front of our cottage and we can hear them all laughing while we're sat chatting outside. It's so sweet to hear them all having fun. 


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