Sunday, 23 June 2013

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Oh my goodness, reality bit hard today. Very hard. There's been washing and drying everywhere. It seems to have taken over the whole house. Thankfully Amy & Thomas have clean school uniforms so I decided to just fold it all up and have a mammoth ironing session tomorrow when they are back at school.  
We had a new kitchen fitted a couple of years ago and I got my first dishwasher. We were a bit short on space though so I had to have a combo washer/dryer. It's OK, but I very rarely use it. I tend to hang stuff on the airer instead, which seems to be permanently up because of the rubbish weather we're having.

We had to return a pair of shorts to Sainsburys so I got some meat and veg while we were there. Tomorrow we'll be back at Lidl for our weekly shop. The total cost for four of us to eat Sunday lunch was about £10 which is a lot cheaper than what it would have cost us on holiday. In my opinion it tasted better than anything we've eaten all week as well!
It's been so dismal and dark today that I felt the need to do something colourful and creative so I got my crochet out. Amy asked me to make her a blanket a couple of months ago and chose these colours. 
I used to love pastels when I was younger but these days I prefer something more colourful like this one I made. If sleep really is connected to growth Amy should be a lot taller than she actually is!
I've been tired today and I've felt a bit nauseous (side effects of my tablets) so I'll be off to bed very soon with a new book 'Fat Girls & Fairy Cakes' by Sue Watson. My friend took me to a book reading at a lovely little tea shop in Prestwich for my birthday treat. The reading was part of the annual Prestwich Book Festival and you got to drink as much tea and eat as much cake as you wanted, so it was a perfect night out for me!

It was a small affair, about 30 people there altogether, but it was great fun. Sue was a lovely bubbly person with a great sense of humour, who had us all laughing at her antics. I could have listened to her all night and I'm sure her book will be right up my street.

Anyway, that's me done for today. Goodnight All & Sweet dreams.


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